Here at the Farmhouse Rest Home we take great pride in hearing what our residents and their families and friends have to say about the services we provide. We also welcome feedback from external professionals. We have put together a collection of some of the feedback we have received to date.

Friends and Families

  • "Since Loomer Medical took over, the care staff seem very happy which is reflected in the moods of the residents who also appear happier and more joyful."

  • "All the day's meals are written on a chalkboard for the residents to look at which is nice for them to know what they're having. Another lovely touch is that the care staff eat meals with the residents which makes the Farmhouse community feel like one big family."

  • "Every time I visit everywhere is clean and tidy"

  • "The care staff always seem to have activities organised for the residents to keep them active"

  • "The new outside area is a lovely place for the residents to sit on a nice day and look out over the lovely views"

  • "The staff team's knowledge of residents' likes/dislikes has improved greatly and a new pager system helps the home to run more efficiently"


  • "The takeover by Loomer Medical Group has led to huge improvements in interior decor which is crisp and bright"

  • "The walls in the dining room and lounge areas are decorated with lovely homely touches and photos of the residents doing activities and a 'Family Tree' of all the people at the home"

  • "Upon my visit to the home, all the residents seemed content and cheerful and may were making use of the new garden area where they can safely relax"